yesterday was my bb's birthday! she and another friend came over and we worked on our AN cosplays and did random shit. (: the cake she brought was the cutest, prettiest and TASTIEST cake ever ooomgodd korean bakery=best cakes.
i now know the hardest game ever invented, cat mario.. LOL.

(doesn't it look like the cake says Happy Ballboy??)

i finished the first part of my cosplay which was a dress shirt with puffy sleeves. the only downside is that the collar is too short so i have to re-do it. :( a little proud though, since it's my first actual piece of clothing from scratch hehe. defs couldn't have done it without monique's help with the button whole maker though, my sewing machine is pretty pro after all. ;w;
sherylnome shirt

anyways, i'm actually SWAMPED for art class.. fell so behind since a lot is always due every month. at least after tonight's art marathon, there's the trip to the zoo soon, can't wait!! :D
anemone sketch
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Your cos looks so good so far! ;w; <333

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