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* wrote up a draft but didn't publish from last week lol! more of a rant on daily life this time. 140732.gif

today was actually an interesting day at school! during the morning announcements, our student council president asked his girlfriend to prom! (whole school heard it) it was very cute... 130389.gif
but apparently he asked for permission and the principle rejected the idea, yet he did it anyways. he knew he was gonna get in trouble but he ran away from the principle to give a rose to her as soon as he said it on the PA! isn't that the cutest thinggggadks. the sad thing is i was eavesdropping at the end of the day and i heard him say "apparently she hated the attention" :( and he got suspended from student council for 3 weeks or something. all the teachers were hating on our principle for doing that though 'cause it didn't really harm anyone!!

another cute prom proposal that happened was my friend made cakes that spelt out "___ will you go to prom with me?" and hid it in her locker... what the hell!! (this shit doesn't ever happen to me..)

in chem, i saw the coolest demo ever. in a giant metal can he put this powder and fire. then blew on a tube and fire exploded from the can which blew the lid off LOL! (my description sounded kind of dumb just now but i really can't remember what materials were used..)

K have some pics..

only in canada would this happen in april ... mother nature is PMSing like crazy.

my mom bought stashes of jap products because she was scared of radiation in future production. i feel bad because their economy is getting fucked over, although i'm not actually gonna stop buying/eating jap products, they are way too amazing!! 140473.gif

this is waaay old, but DS party when pokemon came out hehe!!!

there is some steamed bun festival going on... (??) LOL and they were making these SUPER CUTE ANIMAL ones. but guess what..... after getting them, the other groceries i put on the buns smushed them all LOL!! so i didn't get in the end.136702.gif

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Let me guess...you are doing thermodynamics in chem? LOL


2011/04/18(月) 21:18:14 | URL | [ Edit]


I know what you mean about the prom date thing ;__; FOREVERALONE! But yeah what Cyrus did was so cute omg I wish that would happen to me. ): It's okay you still have a year before your prom - I'll sneak into the school and ask you on the PA like he did ;)

Also ds party hehehe

2011/04/19(火) 17:51:17 | URL | [ Edit]


@BB: we're doing reactions rates, shoot me now. and omg i kinda bought it 'cause it was cute.. the filling was sesame which is not that great D:

2011/04/20(水) 14:44:18 | URL | [ Edit]


@Sachie: pfffft there are tons of guys who'd ask you to prom, they are just all from russia LMAO, or super creepy..

2011/04/20(水) 14:46:27 | URL | [ Edit]

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