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GUESS WHAT I GOT! 137063.gif POKEMON BLACK. It finally came out.. I chose black because too many people were getting white and i liked reshiram more than zekrom. don't mind messy hair haha.136702.gif


i'm glad my March break is next week, but i can't marathon it this week due to school. 136368.gif my starter.. 127382.gif haha i just happened upon this emoji.

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this friday i went out shopping finally! i haven't spent for two months which is an accomplishment for me. i went with january, we're both such shopaholics!! i ended up only documenting foods we had 'cause i tried new things! first time eating food at richtree market.. they have gourmet food and desserts, kind of pricey but i especially liked their desserts.130389.gif
we wanted to try everything but ended up having sponge cake and strawberry mousses.


^that is the soup we had. they have very old fashioned packaging/labeling, so homey..137108.gif


^ sponge cake was amazing!! ahhh! wanted to try so many more of their desserts..

we shopped 'til we dropped but because we're fatasses we had another 2 hour eating session at tea shop 168. fucking january.. ordering everything! LOL. she got original flavour which tasted like water... i got this black forest milk tea but mistook it for a different flavour since i don't like chocolate in my milk tea.


+ of course, another meal! yes friend eats like a beast.


ugh they had full jugs of tea and this rose tea made me feel so sophisicated LOL!


annndd gifts i got! cute lacey mitts, and a rilakkuma notebook! 137063.gif


time to start on a report that is due very soon. a.k.a. time to be fucked. 137021.gif
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lool I want the food again...so hungry

2011/03/06(日) 22:21:16 | URL | [ Edit]


those gloves are adorable ;3;

2011/03/07(月) 15:53:35 | URL | [ Edit]

kiwiman 416

korean food is mashida

2011/03/13(日) 16:56:43 | URL | [ Edit]


> those gloves are adorable ;3;

TY, i thought they were oven mitts LOL

2011/03/15(火) 21:20:11 | URL | [ Edit]


@kiwiman : yes it is!

2011/03/15(火) 21:20:59 | URL | [ Edit]


@january : fml me toooo

2011/03/15(火) 21:22:06 | URL | [ Edit]

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