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so we had a half day at school yay. 137007.gif
i ended up going to have korean food at this place my dad always goes to.
it's a pretty traditional place, there were sections where you could sit down to eat and a grill on every table. this is the weirdest compliment, but i swear they had the best kimchii i've ever had!!

was feeling kamjatang.. their soup is amazing. 136997.gif


their soups come with this HEALTH rice that had berries and sweet potatoes.130389.gif
they would scoop it into a smaller bowl then fill this big container with hot water which would turn the remaining rice stuck on the sides into porridge.


my dad orders this almost every time, these noodles are amazing! i think we've had this like 9/10 of the times we've come here before~


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i know there's a bajillion lush product review sites so i'm only gonna mention the things i've tried.136702.gif
the first one i ever tried was their squeaky green shampoo bar.
i think it worked pretty much like normal shampoo, it did make my hair feel shinier though.


then i tried their new! bar, was dealing with stress so it helped with hair loss a lot. not like i was going bald or anything, but it definitely helped!137063.gif


lastly, i just started trying the soak and float. it supposedly helps a lot with dandruff but honestly i haven't had problems with that so i'm not sure what it'll do for me. i've noticed it just makes your hair a little oilier? so i don't suggest this for people with naturally oily hair.


overall though, each of these bars last 3-4 months. one bar lasted me 4 months because i like to wash my hair once every two days. they are $9.95CAD each, which is around the same price as any bottled shampoo but with natural ingredients. after using any of these, your hair gets squeaky clean130389.gif. so make sure to use conditioner after, especially in humid weather.

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i think a lot of people know poupee girl by now. so addicted lately! i dressed up my poupee casual + earthy colours but the graduation trip event background kinda ruined it. 137021.gif

Screen shot 2011-03-03 at 4

this is my account if anyone plays 131307.gif
and i reached 1k ribbons finally, such a big spender orz.

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cute cute, I can't believe you used up 3 bars already..I'm still on my first bar....
and I still have 1/4 left.........

2011/03/03(木) 17:52:41 | URL | [ Edit]

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