honeys cinema club

i've been discovering all these new brands and stores.. so mainly today i wanna talk about honeys and mystic.
from what i understand, honeys is much like H&M where they have the basics and many sub-brands. so far i like their sub-brand cinema club the best as it's a cutesy casual style featuring clothes like these:


their stuff is actually really affordable compared to other brands in japan. other sub-brands include glacier which is NSFW. then there's COLZA which i haven't really categorized and comfort basics for basic layering needs.

the other actual high-brand i fell in love with was mystic! have some co-ordinates from them: (click to enlarge)


well it's not so much the looks, but rather the individial clothing pieces that catch my eye. it's so simple but classy at the same time!

+ anyone know a good japanese shopping agent? i used rina's shopping service but i can't contact her anymore. ):
also, yes, this blog is back & running haha.

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MMM YES you're finally updating your blog, good girl.
Honeys is adorable ♥

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