i've been too lazy to blog and i never blog things more than a week old 'cause i usually forget half the stuff OTL.. but i'll try to keep more updated.
had two more birthday hang outs, in one of which my friend got me:
it's soo pretty but it's currently tangled up really badly.. and i can't untangle it.


basilia came back from HK finally! haven't seen her in forever. we saw scott pilgrim (which was great btw) today.. and she gave me my souvenir/requests.. AHHH ❤❤ marry me.. pixiv girls collection illusts are so fucking gorgeous. i see nardack, hoppang and kurot in there. ❤ i'm thinking about buying the korean illustration book, but the downside is that the only artists i really like are maggi and panamaman. hmm! (and it's $50)


she also got me this rilakkuma scheduler.. honestly, most adorable scheduler i've ever seen in my life. the pages are SO CUTE and it's different practically every single page. ❤ it includes drawings and real life photos of rilakkuma plushes.


lastly, lastly.. the gundam00 season 2 voice setsuna figure. *hardcore gundam00/setsuna fan* .. i just realized it was her who got me both, THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING MY SETSUNA LOVE! i totally fall in love with nice figures.. yet i'd never spend more than $40 on one 'cause a) i'm cheap.. and b) they don't do shit for you LMAO. you can just stare at them and wish they were real so you could marry them.. well in my case, i can listen to miyano's hot voice all day. ❤❤❤


i've been listening to a lot of new vocaloid music. here are my recommendations!

deco*27: two breaths walking, coward montblanc, mosaik role, shinkai summit
wowaka: rolling girl, world's end dance hall
T-POCKET: 1925
Kuro-Usa: Saigo no Joou (last queen)
meola: palette
ryumoto: prismite
(those names are composers)

AHH, also wanted to mention a few other things. it was kai's birthday on the 16th.. we had a little house party. we had hot pot, and karaoke'd from 11pm til 7am in the morning. it was bright outside when i went to sleep LOL felt so weird. we also made chocolate strawberrys which were delicious and i got to try her cintiq tablet (that's not me but yeah LOL):

kais birthday

i've also never known anyone with more art books than her.. prolly like $1000 worth at least!

music: シザーハンズ by clear

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