so it was my birthday recently. (:
i celebrated for 2 days.. but not on my actual birthday date which is weird LOL.
and i still have two days to go. :) buttttttt here are some pictures ehhe.

MY CAKE. well originally i wasn't going to get one but apparently my mom felt that birthdays had to involve cake so she brought one home the next day. :) it was SO GOOD asian cakes are the best.

went out to eat every day this week pretty much. pasta + crepe .. YUM.

i received these two issues. it was actually my first time reading s cawaii. first impression=good and for some reason my mom loves this one too LOL. i always love the gifts that come with it. ;__; namie amuro looksssssss so effing pretty on the cover too. and my bebe basilia got me august issue of CutiE while in hong kong.. i practically wanted it just because lena is on the cover.

she also got me PIXIV GIRLS COLLECTION 2010!!! v v v v tears of joyyyy.

art books are SO EXPENSIVE whyyyyyyy. i was downtown the other day and i saw apple vol.4 (it's the newest i think) and i almost bought it for $40 but thank god i didn't because i found out apple is a korean anthology and is filled half with comics. phew....
what else, i got $400 in total for birthday money.. and a dress. :D

music: うれしくって抱きあうよ by YUKI
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