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i'm stuck home all next weekend i'm pretty sure since my mom will kill me after finding out my summer school mark. i ended up staying home all this weekend too, wanting to watch some movies.
i'm a bit slow but there was a new animated film called The sky Crawlers(2008), directed by Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell). planes and such don't really catch my interest but because of the amazing animation and reception on the movie, i had to watch!! i should have done some research because it did not make a lot of sense. there were some amazing parts, especially the music.. so touching and fit really well. i didn't understand fully the first time watching.


it wasn't until after i read that it was based on the novel and there were a few things you had to know about the novel before watching to understand. after i knew those things, i realized how amazing and sad the movie was..! ;__; argajlds. it is actually very in-depth although slow at parts. just makes me sad in the end though..


i also marathon'd itazura na kiss. i actually followed it while it was airing but it was so good i had to re-watch! the art style bothered me a lot because it was so old-fashioned but you get used to it since the plot is so good ahh!


makes my standards for guys higher than it already was.. oh well!

music: konya mo hoshi ni dakarete by ayaka
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