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i spent about 3 hours writing this today. it's a cheat sheet for tomorrow's physics unit test. good thing it didn't fill up a full page because i had to fit 3 lines into one to make sure i would have enough room. i'm so glad our teacher is letting us use cheat sheets for the last two unit tests and the final exam! phew phew.. although i worry that i'll forget to put some formulas.

summer school is so tiring, i'd end up napping when getting home every day, i'm so glad it's almost done. just a week left practically..! then i'll sleep in til 2 every day and go out with friends after that. there will definitely be more interesting posts after summer school. ;_;

a trip to the beach awaits with a huge group of friends. one of whom just returned from china with gifts. ;w; AHHHHHHHH missed her too much!! (that is the one upside of my week)

today my WC purchases arrived but i was out studying with friends at the library so now i'll have to go pick it up at the post office tomorrow ughhhhhhhhhh. i really can't wait for the back pack although it won't be put to use until school starts. thank god i got it right before it was sold out.. :)

but that aside, i want to share some of the WC summer 2010 collection that i love!
^ all that i like so far since i don't think the webshop has their whole catalogue yet.. which i will receive tomorrow. ;_;

p.s. almost all their new logo Ts suck shit. i don't see the appeal at all.

music: flowers by moumoon
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