pacific 2

i'm actually blogging LOL.
summer school is effing my life over, among other things..
i rarely go out.. just once or twice a week now. :( IT'S SUMMERRRRRRRR GOSH.

went so far to chill with a friend and buy mags but jtown and pmall both did not have the issues i wanted (i swear they used to have the latest), apparently they receive them 2-3 weeks late now. ;__; but it saves me $10 if i buy it instead of ordering.

nonetheless, the insane amount of asians in this town.. always amazes me, might as well be china! got frozen yogurt from my favourite place, they let you put pocky in it now LOL. :) we were being cheap so we picked the ones that weighed less (they price it by weight after you pick your toppings).


there are also lots of new rilakkuma and gloomy merchandise. they had giant gloomy paw gloves.. do want! my friend is such a hot model. ;)


i was really dumb and didn't realize the july issue of CutiE came with a cellphone strap AND hair tie LOL. but i tried it and it's pretty cute. i really want the giant blue one from s cawaii though! D:


okay back to studying..!

music: sky chord ~otona ni naru kimi he~ by tsuji shion
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