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time to write an entry full of words, i guess this will be a boring entry.
first off, summer school: fuck. so i found out i got 68% on my unit test and my overall mark in the course is a 65%. i know, i sound dumb but .. pretty much the rest of the class is getting around there. some are failing, but apparently the highest mark is 90+. how!? i keep telling myself to study but that doesn't work and it's literally impossible to pay attention to the teacher when she teaches a lesson.. just so boring, especially when you have to sit through 2 and a half hours in one sitting. :[ i'm really hoping to get at least a 75 as my final mark.

so many of my friends have gone over seas for vacation or at least somewhere semi-far. i honestly can't wait until winter break after school because i'm going to china then.. and hopefully this time i'll find some good stores. all my friends that go find all these amazing stores for either clothes or anime but i only spend a day or two in beijing and the rest in my home town that is pretty small. :( good thing my friends are bringing me souvenirs from china and hong kong. apparently they have japanese boutiques and magazine stores where the magazines are 1/4 what i pay! aahahhh DO WANT.

i FINALLY updated my old old gen 1 ipod touch! everyone's often telling me they jailbreak theirs but .. i had no clue how to do anything. i ended up just getting random free apps to entertain me. D: even though my mom originally gave me hers, she now wants it back because i updated it and she can use it for apps too QQ.

okay i can't bare the emptiness of the this entry to have a picture of a cute tips jar i saw at an ice cream store:


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