despicable me!

it does not feel like summer at all but surprisingly, i'm barely getting any homework from summer school while all my friends who take english are getting major essays every other day. :)
my week days now consist of:
1. summer school
2. watch TV (anime LOL)
3. play wii (got Okami in the mail!)
4. homework
5. sleep

soooo yep been pretty bored.


AND AND. oh my god.
i saw despicable me.. it was.. AMAZING. 10/10!
the only obvious part is that the villain is going to turn soft 'cause of the girls but everything else.. I TEARED UP TWICE. and so manly genuinely funny parts that aren't used in like every animated film.


I LOVE AGNES WITH ALL mY HEART. she is the most adorable little girl EVERRR . godddddd this is a must watch!! i think i like it better than Up.
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