summer for real

SUMMER IS HERE FOR REALSSSSSSSSS. (except i have summer school)
i have to say staying up late for the past days either studying or loafting around took its toll on me... i'm too used to following a strict sleeping schedule. i fell asleep on the bus today. but anyways, i've been so busy with school, or going out with friends that i haven't had time to blog. (does this mean i have a life now? LOL)
it's mostly been movies.. letsee, i've seen:

how to train your dragon (9/10)
- SO ADORABLE! loved the characters and animation. ending could have been A LITTLE better.

get him to the greek (7/10)
- had no idea what i was getting myself into. had a lot of insanely funny parts, but a lot of 'what the fuck' parts. overall not too bad!
"i am mindfucking you right now, do you feel it?"
"..........nope. don't feel anything."

"how many pairs of air jordons do you think 3 black kids need?!"

karate kid (8/10)
- watched for jackie chan and jaden smith pretty much. plot-wise not that great.. but i liked the chinese setting and characters! cheng was so cute!

killers (8/10)
- friend wanted a chick flick so we chose the closest one. actually turned out good! i like catherine heigl anyways.. (: and it was cute! but.. lots of unexpected action.

shrek happily ever after (8.5/10)
- really cute, funny.. and.. just plot was fun! even though the targeted audience isn't really my age area but.. it was good!


my fingers hurt as i type this entry.
i'm learning guitar!! ahh i'm so happy about it.
a friend leant me one of his bajillion guitars.. i never knew it was actually physically painful to learn lol! but the sound is so pretty. i borrowed a pretty classic one, the yamaha eterna.. it is a popular model but it is old so the sound is better (or so guitarists say). i did some researching.. yui's les paul cherry sunburst electric is 1.2 grand. will i ever get?
no. :(



there is only one coldstone in like our entire province, but it's near me! and to top it off, my friend works there. i LOVE their ice cream! especially the mocha, sex in a cup. (: and i love how the servers flip it into the air and catch it in the cup hehe.


also went to this fancy outdoor patio restaurant for father's day. this was during FIFA, some new zealand vs. another game.. i wish i was into the FIFA hype.. but i'm not. i don't even know what country i'm cheering for. :( at least the food there was good.



i got this in the mail:


purely for setsuna i guess. (: it is thinner than i expected but it wasn't too expensive and came fast so.. it's all good.
i love the name DATE MASAMUNE!!!!!!!!! LET'S PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!


my mom was sick so i tried cooking. i maaadee shrimp spaghetti.
it looks good, right?


tastes like crap. :(
but i love how shrimps are actually grey but turn instanly this MOUTHWATERING orange as soon as it touches the sizzling pan!
well maybe it didn't taste like crap because i used pre-made spaghetti sauce, but i guess i learned my lesson about some things.


also i bought the braided hairband from sephora.. it is hard to see in the picture (i actually photoshopped it so it could be seen better).. but i love it! like.. an extra touch 'cause i usually don't do anything to my hair.


music: ray of light - shouko nakagawa
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