food adventures

this entry is about me being fat and eating food LOL. i love taking pics of food too.

k so i tried some korean ice cream cake taiyaki. the outer appearance was sooo adorable omg LOL and it tasted like heaven until the red bean came in. -.- WAYYY too sweeet.. if they only put vanilla ice cream in there, it would have been SOO GOOD ahhh..!

ice cream

my mom came home one day bringing: A; mat kimchi and B; "torpedo fried shrimp". i love how they called it that when it's pretty much tempura shrimp. this kimchi was soo traditional and the garlic taste was too strong for me. :( the label looks like there's a string, but it's just a picture. i tried pulling it. the shrimp was super tasty though hehe.


also, that red thing up there (C) is a ROSE APPLE. it actually tasted like a mix of an apple with rose flavour. too bad it was pricey and i let the 2nd one rot... alkdfs but pretty amazing 'cause i just had to try it when i saw it in the store. i bought some new brand of jap candy (D) i saw at the supermarket too. 100% apple, strawberry & blueberry candy. they were just so-so. they tasted like what you expect them to taste like lol!

went to my friend's house for a study date. her mom is an AMAZING COOK like she can cook anything. we got handmade onigiri and miso soup. i felt so weeaboo LOL but it was SOO GOOD AUGAHDKFSd. and tried some green tea canada dry. tastes like canada dry but more bitter.. but i liked it actually!

sallys house
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