birthday chillage CUT.
so i went to a friend's birthday party today. it was like 9:7 boys to girls.. by the end of the day it was like a sausagefest LOL. well it was fun overall. highlights:

EVERYONE chased after birthday boy with a plate of whipped cream and we ALL threw it in his face. and then we hosed him down after. (:


my friend dropped gum down his shirt so his underwear was stuck to his pants. he didn't notice 'til we all left.

5 guys ganged on the birthday boy and wedgied him like BIG TIME.

we played super smash bros bawl like the losers we are. it was a little exciting 'cause i was the last one on my team and everyone was like "OMG ___!! KILL HIM!! DONT FALL!! OMG YOU CAN DO IT!!" even though i had 1 life left and the two guys on the other team both had like 5. i played toon link but i like lucas better..

a guy slapped another guy's ass at least 20 times. i think i support real life homo more than manga homo, for once..... AHAHA. although i was part of some les action too.. erm. (:

we wanted to watch seventeen again (birthday boy was turning 17) but he accidentally downloaded the spanish version.. so we watched stardust, it was good! some losers ended up staying upstairs playing lol (league of legends).. ahaha.

two friends were dealing and making their little porn in the corner and a friend jumps (like literally cannonballed) on top of both of them and went "COCK BLOOOOOOOOCK!" that same friend had a blackberry and sent me 60 texts saying "spam" or "s".

we had a music jam session in the basement.. there was guitar, drums and everything! i want to learn bass suddenly. ;___; i feel cool. we karaoke'd without the actual karaoke machine.
i learned to play two chords on the guitar!! my poor fingers after playing.. haha (yes that's me with the bass)


one of the gifts... we were so excited opening it.. turned out to be a pack of tissues. i don't understand!

music: dynamite - taio cruz
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