anywayssssss those are just some of the outfits i TOTALLY ADORE from june's issue of seventeen.
after the july issue, i'm defs going to drop it, unless the gift is irresistable for july haha. i'm a sucker for the gifts that comes with the magazines. buttt yeah dropping it mostly 'cause i'm starting to like popteen better and apparently seventeen support the idea of a PERFECT girl, so no flaws are allowed and this is really discouraging to a lot of people.

i'm going to miss the models though, they are so cute and just becoming familiar to me. ;__; especially aya ohmasa (yamato nadeshiko shichi henge), mirei and azusa!

but uhm i scanned a few pages of the issue for fun, mainly the 'top 50 trends' page. it's pretty fun to look so i uploaded in case ANYONE (i doubt) would want to see.


our school had the SAC elections today, i love watching them 'cause students have so much spirit and i think at least twice as much people ran this year than the last. the odd thing is.. everyone i voted for last year won but only like 2 did this year (there are 6 positions in total)... i'm disappointed because one kid won and i think people voted for him just for jokes.

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