anime north 2010

so anime north weekend passed. too SAD and tired to post right after haha. it was SUPER FUN THOUGH!!
so i failed my sheryl cosplay, got too lazy. maybe at fanex?!
anyways i just borrowed a maid outfit and threw on a blonde wig:
(lol@ pokeball in corner)

the reason is because my FRIENDS did a paired cosplay for the characters in pokemon HG/SS. ;__; so good hehe. (yeah censoring out stuff for privacy)

giant mario mushroom LOL he liked to hold hands with people who took a pic with him, how weird.. and awkward (well not me in that pic)

sachie did a loli cosplay and put on a mask just to scare kiddies. *__* she's actually hot without the mask SO JEALOUS. K.

met a new friend. (: cosplay as magical kitty len loool love her banana staff!!

AND BEST CHEESE CAKE EVER. looks plain.. but tastes like heaven!

pretty much most memoriable moment was when we were chilling, eating cheesecake. and friend shouts "omg it's a pedobear!" and i look.. i see a haruhi with a pedobear mask staring me down and giving me the 'i'm watching you' look.. then i scream "OH SHITTTTTTTTT" and she runs away. and im like .. WHO WAS THAT. i wonder if a total stranger actually did that to me LOL. well it wasn't that funny, but a friend kept bringing it up....... OVER AND OVER. it was funny the first 10 times.. . (:

we ate at three diff japanese restaurants. one of them was so high-class... which friend paid for 'cause i was broke by the last day! but overall it was really fun and passed by so fast. met sooo many fun people (: and as usual hung out with artists alley peeeeeeps.

MERCH. well i didn't get a lot! i picked up two old issues of newtype just 'cause of its gundam00 and macross feature in the nomimochi (flea market). bought the cutest pears of frog slippers! my old rilakkuma ones were really dirty.... UH got free prints from either friends or friend-of-a-friends LOL.
(top left: jade/heika@DA who also gave me rilakkuma file folders hehe
bottom left: K,
nia print: anjii/allegna@DA)
well a lot more merch but no pics!!

AHHHHH 364 days til next year!

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