so i kind of guilt-tripped my mom into taking me to pmall (she did promise!!) and i picked up the june issue of popteen and a rilakkuma pencil case. i already have one.. but rilakkuma.. TOO CUTE CAN'T RESIST!! popteen is starting to grow on, the contents, so amusing to read. :) they had a cooking section with a pikachu bento.. with diglets as sausages!! and a music feature on ke$ha, there was a picture of her holding a popteen mag, what a weird sight to see.. but i'm just tired of kumicky on the covers of each issue. what about marimo!? i want some marimo. :( or tsubasa even, but i think she's sticking with popsiter adjlsfasdfsa.


got to eat at this restaurant i tried before with basilia called 'station asia'! we weren't that hungry so we chose a simple place.. :D but i still really love the food and atmosphere there, so modern!

i tried to order this amazing tea i got last time, but i picked the wrong one, it turned out REALLY good though. they have the weirdest flavours, this one being 'jasmine high mountain tea'. the other one was a different mountain tea too.. what is mountain tea anyways.. :D


i gottt spicy noodles. i have to admit the picture is not that appealing.. haha. but the flavour and everything was so good!! TAT AHH.. my mom thought otherwise, she doesn't like canto food. i swear there was the biggest mushroom i'd ever seen in my life in there..


the cutest thing was that they had take out boxes that looked like instant noodle packages. :D my mom told me i was acting like a fag cause of how i spazzed at the cuteness of the box. ;w; ('cept she didn't use the word fag obviously)



was a little disappointed the anime/lolita costume store across the mall is gone.. and that we went too late to check out jtown. :( but overall i'm actually surprised she drove me there in the evening.. time to be effed over for schooooooll.
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