gross smoothies

V cut.

some of my friends were making greenhouses in science class which consisted of a jar, saran wrap and some other materials. when school was over, a friend had a lot of extra so he wrapped it around someone else. (: IT WAS NOT BULLYING, he volunteered completely haha, he even posed!


this week is cancer week at our school. for every day of the week, there is an event at the caf. yesterday was making gross smoothies. so basically you donate and you get to pick an ingredient to add into the smoothie and the student council has to drink it after. there was like sardines, wasabi, mayonnaise, hot sauce, pickles, etc. (down below)


one of the smoothies before mixing, i can't even tell what's in there!! GROSS. blue cheese?! what are those round black things LOOL.


after mixing! it looks like a chocolate milkshake, not bad.. (: but like half the people ended up throwing up. was fun. (:


today was shaving. too bad i came to school late and missed it! basically they wax or shavehair, even for the teachers who volunteer! and students pay to see it happen, i heard we raised $1900 just today at lunch. if we raise over $5000, we get to dunk-tank our principal!!hehe!
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