two outfits this week i guess haha.
cardigan: american eagle
top: parasuco
tube top: american apparel
shorts, shorts, tights: pmall brand. (:
top, bag, shoes: pmall brands LOL.
jeans: 7 for all mankind



beni has a new duo song album! i LOVE LOVE the cover, isn't it just so classy.. and pretty yet GIRLY. VERY GLAMOROUS! the songs are yura yura and gimme gimme. yura yura was catchy at the beginning. the only thing i can say about gimme gimme is the "1, 2" and using numbers is a little old-fashioned.

ahdasd i love beni.. and her NATURAL BEAUTY!


it's weird but i don't actually care for plastic surgery. if someone's pretty.. it doesn't change the fact that they are whether they went through plastic surgery or not. the only thing is that if you had plastic surgery, you don't really have boasting rights lol.


i volunteered today at the sauga marathon with friends. there was a 5k and 10k run, we were in charge of handing out snacks likeeeeee water, fruits. well we messed up 'cause the fruits were supposed tobe for tomorrow's "main run" lol. :( indian supervisor was annoyed but we sweet talked him so he wasn't super pissed. it was so hard to understand his instructions, don't remember what he said but he told us to do something and i heard it as "chocolate box" LOL. i think i became a box unfolding pro, we took apart hundreds of boxes for almonds (another one of the snacks). we gave out over 40 boxes of water omggg my armss i just know they are going to be sore tomorrow!
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