music is the universal language

forgot to mention my current mmo is latale, 'cept i'm playing a pserver with some friends. i love some of the equips and question others.. e.g. iron set.. anywaysss we went shangri-la and when we finally got to boss, WOW. didn't expect a giant turtle like 3 times my size. the map itself only fit like 2 of the turtle so obviously we got owned. :( something weird is going on with my right eye in the 2nd picture LOL.



tonight was music night, meaning band is now over. :( i got there like an hour early so ended up bumming around.. i was pretty happy with my school average but then i realized somehow there's an extreme amount of people with 90+ averages this semester, making me feel less accomplished! we played a michael jackson medley and jupiter along with some of the senior students. (mj owned jupiter cause i think i didn't play for the 2nd half of the song). also was in charge of selling food during intermission.

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