NYLON korea

i realize korea/koreans are most famous for their idols or plastic surgery but they have some pretty amazing fashion standards too. looked through NYLON korea (so amazed how popular that mag is).. but anyways, found some interseting campaigns to share!

first off, rain and the MBLAQ boys do an ad for adidas.
i like all their pants a lot LOL, can't say much about the tops..
rain and mblq

rain mblaq

k and jessica (MY BABY) and yuri of SNSD model MAC make up!
this is really shocking because i've never seen sica in this style but it has its own appeal.
sica yuri


and various fashion campaigns that caught my eye:
her blazer is such a must-have. ;w;


well on another note, our town's mayor came to my dad's company. it was because she went to the wrong address! my dad called it a 'beautiful mistake' LOL. they chatted and apparently one of my dad's workers called her old by mistake.. so my dad covered it up by saying "oh he meant to say.. best hockey player!", in which she responded "yes you're right!" HAHA.

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